Greetings to all

My name is Zhanna Tsaregorodtseva. I was born and live in Perm, Russia. I graduated from the Perm State Polytechnic University.

I started making original dolls in 2006. Why dolls? Once appeared  in our life, the doll excites, warms and awakens ipleasant memories... At present a doll is not only a child's toy. This is a part of the interior that reflects our identity. It's a beautiful, luxury gift as well. Once having opened the door leading into this remarkably fragilin and magical world full of beauty and magic, I slill remain an admirer of this kind of art.

 I used to make first works from bake plastic. Now I use plastic (different types), porcelain, skin, textile.

Currently, I am an artist of the Perm gallery of the author's dolls (

My dolls are participants of the expositions in Prague. In Russia you may have seen them in Perm Gallery of made dolls and on pages of Fair of masters, and of course here, on my page.

Please look my works and ask your questions. I’m glad to you.